Reminder: Please remember to bring your graphing calculators to the 2nd floor planning area @ 2:15pm on Friday. Algebra I Teachers are allowed to keep your class sets.

1/7/11 What's going on @ RHS........

I. World Cultures Day in February/Black History Month Assembly
a. The Black History Month Assembly will be on February 28th.
b. There will be a committee of people working with Lisa Robinson and some students to ensure that we have a high quality assembly. Mr. Anderson (BSAP) and Mr. Fink (GAAP) will work with this committee.
c. If there are any teachers who want to be part of the committee, they should let Mr. Anderson or Mr. Fink know of their interest.
d. Since the assessed class teachers are planning on March 11, we will not have the World Cultures Day on the half day in February. The two half days for parent conferences will follow a regular early dismissal schedule.

II. March 11 – Algebra, Biology, English 10 & Government planning
a. All four of the content area supervisors approved the idea that RHS teachers will not attend the countywide curriculum day. They will work as a group with data analysis and instruction.
b. The groups should plan to meet all day.

III. HCEA Survey
a. Please remember to send in your HCEA survey that you received in the mail in December. I
b. If a teacher threw his/hers away, let me know or see one of the HCEA reps (Karen Searles, Karen Moser, Gina Nalli, Jen Coker and/or Gisela Cooke) for a copy.

IV. Registration
a. Veronica gave the ITLs the Catalog of Approved Courses; it is labeled math and is on Lynnette's desk if you need to use it.

b. We did not order enough for every teacher to have one.
c. It was decided that someone in Student Services will give each ITL his/her course numbers, and the ITLs will give that information to their teachers.

V. Staff Information
a. Vacancies: Brooke Tilley is resigning as of January 29th & Jane Polivka took a Technology Assistant to Registrars job at the BOE.
b. Long Term Subs:
1. Ms. Willman is in for Mrs. Frye
2. Ms. Galamb is in for Mr. Syran
3. Mr. Burke is in for Mr. Downes
4. Mr. Sherman is in for Mrs. Roberts
5. Mr. Mack is in for Mr. Marinelli
c. Future Long-Term Subs
1. Mrs. Kol will need a sub in March
2. Mrs. Lee will need a sub in March
d. Mike Syran is in the hospital again. He is ready for the staff to have more information. You may share that he has stage 4 cancer. He is in good spirits and trying to remain strong. He appreciates cards but would prefer not to receive phone calls or visits at this time.
Mike’s address is: Mike Syran
355 Sturtons Lane
Pasadena, MD 21122


This Months Department Meeting will be held on Monday, May 10 during lunch. We have a great deal to discuss and I have several items that I need your input on.



Course Placement Review

I am attaching the students who were recommended for each Math course (I did not include courses for which students did NOT need to be recommended). Teachers please review your recommendations and check for errors in placement. Please send me any changes, and then I will send a compilation of, any changes that need to be made to Ms.Gambino. Teachers please designate the following:

(1) Student Name
(2) Course in which currently enrolled
(3) Course in which should be enrolled
(4) Reason for change (change in recommendation, error, etc)

Please use the color "RED" to note any changes this will help when I compile the list; also this needs to be completed by Wednesday, May 12.


Course Placement Review Info.

Student Services was unable to meet with each department so Ms. Valentine emailed me the following information to share with you. Please review the attached, email me any questions that you may have.



NCTM (Baltimore)

Registration Now Open!

[ http://iem.nctm.org/link.php?M=540964&N=509&L=1915&F=H ]The NCTM Regional Conference in Baltimore will provide mathematics professional development that will enhance your professional skills, knowledge, and career. Network and learn from your peers, attend sessions and hands-on workshops, discuss hot topics and changes in the education system, and test out products for the classroom. There’s something for everyonewhether you’re an experienced educator or just starting out. [ http://iem.nctm.org/link.php?M=540964&N=509&L=1903&F=H ]Register and join us October 14-15.

The Online Preview is your guide to the conference and what you can expect. Learn about featured speakers, highlighted presentations, registration, and hotel information.
High School Teacher:

• Investigations and Activities in Algebra: Get Students Involved

• Problem Solving and Technology Implementaion in an Inclusion Classroom

• Geometry Activities Rev Up the Math Learning and Help Kids Understand and Remember

• [ http://iem.nctm.org/link.php?M=540964&N=509&L=1906&F=H ]View more grades 9-12 sessions (PDF)


Hello STEM educators of Maryland!

The Maryland Business Roundtable for Education is undertaking an exciting new project – STEM Teachers Count – in response to recommendations in the Governor’s STEM Task Force Report, and we’d like your help.

The purpose of the project is to bring STEM resources into the classroom to support science and math teaching and learning.

In March 2010, we conducted focus groups with biology, chemistry, physics and math teachers from several school districts to gather input and ideas on how STEM teaching and learning can be strengthened and to identify ways that business / employers can support teachers’ efforts and instruction.

As a follow up to the focus group discussion, we’d like to gather input from STEM teachers across the state.

Please help us by completing the attached survey – just 7 questions - by Friday, April 23, 2010. All responses are anonymous. Also, please share the survey with your fellow math and science teachers throughout the state!

SURVEY >>> [ http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/B95RMFK ]http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/B95RMFK


- LaTara Harris -

Director of Partnerships and Outreach
Maryland Business Roundtable for Education


The Department of Mathematics at the University of Maryland College Park (UMD) is pleased
to announce the third Maryland Mathematics Institute (MMI), a one-week-long summer course
for secondary school teachers. The MMI in 2010 will consist of presentations and discussions
that are designed to be stimulating, accessible, and useful for teaching:


Department Meeting:

When: Monday, March 8
Where: Room 333
Why: Because I Miss You!!



I am attaching a copy of my tentative "3rd Quarter Calendar" because there will be a number of days during the quarter that I will be out of the building. I will send department reminders when my absence will be multiple days.

Thanks for Your Support,


As we begin the 2nd semester, take the opportunity to reflect on your successes as well as areas of improvement. As a department let us try to focus on making our students "producers" instead of "consumers." I challenge you to expand what is working well in your classes and restructure areas that you feel need to be improved. Here is an article I just read, enjoy.

If your assessment scores or class averages do not satisfy your expectations and student's ability and you feel like it is hopeless; remember hope is embedded in ones personality. Not having hope leads one to repeat mistakes or decisions; allow yourself to go through a "cognitive readjustment." Major progress only comes with hope, vision, and action. I am pleased to have the opportunity to work with 15 talented individuals and I look forward to seeing and helping you and your students reach your goals.

If you would like meet with me for a peer coaching session,lesson planning, schedule time for in class support or pullout feel free to email me. I am working on my 3rd quarter calendar this week and I want to make sure that I am available to everyone.

The link below is for the MIST Survey, feel free to complete the survey if you have the time. I know most of you are tired of completing surveys so don't feel like it needs to be immediately. I will be meeting with everyone within the next two week to do an needs assessment update. ( I am unable to open the survey link; once I figure out what's wrong I will update everyone.)

Have a great semester!!!


external image chick-fil-a_logo.14085338.jpg

Chick-fil-a Department Luncheon will be held on Thursday, January 21st.

Monday, January 25th the department pot-luck luncheon will be held at Frank's house @ 11:30am.


Dept mtg. Agenda below.


2010-2011 Teacher Course Request

Teachers please complete the Teacher Course Request survey using the link below. It should only take several minutes and it really helps me build the schedule before I meet with administration.


Thanks for Your Support,
Lynnette Moore

Course Registration Info.

I hope everyone enjoyed the extended Winter Holiday Break. I am attaching information for course registration below. I left the updated recommendations that we completed @ home so I will update them this evening.

Staff Presentation info.

Recommendation Template from Jill

AP Potential Data

Local Assessments

Please remember to complete and submit the RHS Data Analysis Form Below and the Data Protocol Sheets completed by your Collaborative to Lynnette on or before 11/6/09.


This week you should be able to take a "quick breath" after Homecoming Week. There are no meetings Monday because of the In-school Professional Development Day this week. Please plan on being in sessions from 8:00am to 11:55am; we will not have a dept meeting that day unless someone feels there is a need for us to meet.
Here is an article that my brother sent me that has help me balance my time.

Enjoy and have a good Week,



Hello All,

I am posting information that I am asking you read before the department mtg. so that we can spend time on the Tuesday, November 24th "Career Day" coverage schedule and course recommendations. Middle school will be here in the early part of December and I feel we need to make some decisions before we meet with our feeder middle schools.

I. Holiday Family funds (Binki McKenna)
a. Ms. McKenna asked the ITLs to check with their departments to see if they are interested in supporting a family for the holidays with a meal and perhaps one family gift.
b. In the past, our entire staff has given to one family, and it allows for a plethora of gifts and food. Last year, they had to find storage for all we provided. Binki is thinking about spreading the wealth to several families if departments are interested
II. Technology funds (Binki McKenna)
a. They no longer make docking stations for the laptops that teachers presently have; therefore, we are not able to respond to teachers’ requests for docking stations. Please let your teachers know this.
b. The county has presently budgeted for the 510s model laptops to be replaced, and the plan presently calls for this to be done in January. Please let your teachers know this.
c. Ms. Valentine said she has 2 docking station stands if anyone wants them. Just let her know.
d. Each year, the school has a budget for AV and Technology Equipment. The media specialists are planning to buy 23 LCD projectors and their brackets for the ceiling over the next 3 years. These projectors and brackets will be used to replace old equipment that is failing.
f. Carrie Briel offered Ms. McKenna 2 LCD projectors that special education has but is not using. They will be used in the classrooms that are team-taught with special education and general education students.
g. Presently, Reservoir has one white board, 5 document cameras and some Interwrite boards. These are not frequently used by staff, so please let your teachers know we have them.
h. Let Ms. McKenna know if there’s any other equipment that we should consider purchasing.

III. FARMS data on student failures 1st quarter
a. Mr. Strothers reviewed the FARMS data from the interim period of 1st quarter. We are at around 19% FARMS. At the interim, 344 students failed at least 1 class. Of the students who failed 3+ classes, 50% were students receiving FARMS and 44% were African-American students receiving FARMS. As a school, we need to concentrate on working with these students and raising their level of achievement.
b. He will do this again at the end of 1st quarter.
c. Each administrator will meet with his/her respective ITLs to review the FARMS data by department. This data should be presented at the December Department meeting.
d. The idea of using club advisory time (45 minutes) once a month for those students who are failing classes was discussed. It will be discussed in more depth at our next SIT meeting. Mrs. Gambino and Mrs. Moore will put this in their next SIT agenda when we discuss our data and strategies for improvement.
IV. Advisory
a. Nov. 10 advisory – Students will create rap songs, songs, poems, and/or skits on a guideline of their choice. Advisors will split their advisories into 3 groups, and each group will work on one of the guidelines in a specific category: Teacher to Student, Student to Teacher, Student to Student.
b. Nov. 23 assembly – Advisors will offer the best poems, raps, songs and skits to Ms. Binder and Ms. Gillum. Those will be used as part of the Nov. 23rd Respect Assemblies. It will be important for advisors to buy into this and present it in a positive light. Each grade will have an assembly in either the auditorium or the large gym.
V. Additional Info.

a. Heritage Day – Michelle Hyde and her teachers, Rona Li (culture committee sponsor), Gisela Cooke and Marian Yeung are all going to help create Heritage Day on February 11 (parent conference day). It should be a very exciting day with an assembly, a fashion show, etc. Heritage Night will still be in March.
b. Scheduling – Mrs. Gambino will give ITLs data on schedule changes as soon as she has it compiled. She is working on it now. She’s going to provide ITLs with trends on reasons for changes and teacher data to see if some teachers are recommending changes more than others.
c. In November, Mrs. Gambino will discuss the registration and scheduling process with staff at the monthly staff meeting. That is one meeting that all staff (including coaches) should plan to attend.

Science will have Poor Friday – We will be having pies at lunch on November 13

The Math Meeting Agenda and the Info. for November 23rd Inservice are attached below.


tissubox.gif Are you looking for a way to get boxes of tissues without going against the HCPSS policy? I am attaching a "Tissue Box Project" that could be use for any course. Have fun!!

Career Day Schedule

Middle School Articulation

Tuesday, December 8th @ Hammond Middle School 3:00pm
(Teachers attending: Jen Emanuel, Terri Silverman, and Lynnette Moore(after Club Gator))

Wednesday, December 9th @ Murray Hill Middle School 2:30pm
(Teachers attending: Terri Silverman, Susan Duenas, and Lynnette Moore (after Club Gator))

Thursday, December 10th @ Lime Kiln Middle School 2:30pm
(Teachers attending: Lynnette Moore (after Club Gator))

All department members are welcomed and encouraged to attend these school visits. If you would like to attend please see Lynnette for Moore Details.

Teachers attending will be provided with copies of a spreadsheet for each designated middle school that will include that school's students, their quarterly grades, and their quarterly assessment scores. Teachers are encourage to discuss areas of strengths and weakness that they have noticed from this incoming class. Skills that you would like to see more enhances, course syllabi, course expectations, etc.

This is also a time to share strategies that with the middle school teachers and well as gain insight to some of the strategies that they are using for homework completion, test preparation, and scheduling.


The Secondary Math Office has revitalized the Secondary Math Intranet Page to provide a place where leaders and math teachers can access important information regarding curriculum, instruction, professional development, and other news.

To access the math home page, click on the link below:


I recommend that you bookmark this page, as you will need to visit the page regularly. In case you have forgotten, the login is your CLC username and password (same one used to access your e-mail accounts). Once you are on our homepage, you will find the following links:

The Secondary Mathematics Program (Information about the HCPSS math program and OSM mission, vision, and goals)
Curricular Resources (Contains links to e-guides, instructional strategies database, and other links to improve instruction)
Secondary Math Leaders Page: (Here is where you will be accessing information regarding SML meetings, bulletins, etc)
Professional Development: (Dates for all of our PD workshops, information about inservices, and eventually sign ups for future PD)
New Teacher Resources: (Resources and links for new teachers or for teachers looking for new ideas)
Featured Math Task of the Month: (Each month we will have one or more potential worthwhile math tasks to use in the classroom)
Math Department of the Month: (Each month we will be featuring a Howard County Middle or High School, click on the link to find out who has been featured this month!)
In the News: (Information about state and national math news will be posted as we learn more about Common Core Standards)

Have Fun!

external image Snow%2520Flake.jpg

December Department Meeting

RHS Mathematics Department Course Recommendation (Draft)

The Office of Secondary Mathematics is looking for two SAT after-school teachers.

Teacher training- 2/17
Pre-test - 2/25
3/4, 3/11, 3/18, 3/25, 3/31, 4/15, 4/21, 4/29
Teacher pay $ 90 per session .
See Terri if you have any question about how the program is organize and please see Lynnette if you are interested so she can submit your name.